Energy Optimisation

Smart heating system to empowered energy efficency and reduce the environmental footprint of real estate.

Operating systems based on predictive us

Remote monitoring
The solution connected-Heat IIOT1 proposed by E-nno, is able to reduce your energy expenses and CO2 emissions up to 30% after only one year. Compatible with 100% of existing systems and non-intrusive, the box collect the data every 15 minutes 24/7.

Optimisation service
In complement to our optimisation service, the data collected is processed with algorithms of Machine Learning (Auto learning) to understand the thermal behaviour of the building. Then, we cross our reports with weather forcasts to make your technical installations, predictive and able to anticipate the all changes. At the same time the inhabitants confort are increse. The service is paid at 100% by energy savings and the bills are integrated in the exploitation costs, in accordance with tenancy law.
1 = Industrial internet of things

Private owner
You want to finance your personal goals thanks to energy savings? E-nno Box, allows you to achieve them the 1st year.
  • Pay as you save

  • First savings after 3 months

  • Reduction of exploitation costs

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Institutional owner
From now on, play a role of precursor and give the example to other actors in real estate thanks to E-nno Box.
  • No CAPEX

  • Energy improvement

  • Reduce OPEX

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Facility manager
You are in charge of the good healt of technical installations. With E-nno box, you benefit from a technology allowing you to improve your services.
  • Non-intrusive Installation

  • Remote monitoring

  • White-label available

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Plateforme + API
The data available for everybody

Remote monitoring in real time
App.e-nno-io, is a unique plateform to monitor your installations. Available in all devices, this tool offers many features like : cockpit visualisation of the fleet, alarms configurations (anormal energy consumations, temperature, etc..), maintenance follow-up and personalized graphic design depending on your needs.

API (Application Programming Interface)
After a careful treatment and a logic control, the data is available in the platform. Since then, companies have the possibility to integrate our solutions in their actuals tools.

Annuel analysis

Annual Report
Each year at the end of the heating period, a report is automatically generated to evaluate the optimization performance during this time and inform our client with simple and clear indicators. Then 4 KPI'S are transmitted to help our client to understand the actions made. In the report, you will find the Performance Optimization compared to the period reference; Energy saved; CO2 Emissions saved and COPEX reductions. This analysis report is used to certify the savings made by our department, but can also be used on other actions such as window replacement, roof renovation or boiler replacement.

IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol)
A method approved by EVO (Efficient Valuation Organization).
This organisation, non governmental, developed a methodology that allows to:
- Fix calculation rules;
- To allow the follow-up of the measuring operations ;
- Improve the verification of energy consummation.
The purpose of this process is to put into perspective the energy savings achieved and the cost incurred to achieve them.

Project worflow
Simple and fast

1. Analyze the potential 💻
With our analyze tool you can know the potential of your building!

2. A member of our team will contact you in 48h 📲
In 48h, if your building shows a good potential, E-nno will send you an offer by email.

3. Sign of the offer and visit ✍
When the sign of the contract is done, our engineer organise a visit of the places to adapt the configuration of E-nno Box and the optimization algorithms.

4. Installation and reference period 👷
One of our electricians come to install, la mise en service et la calibration du système. Then, we start the "reference" period to understand the organization of your structures without modifying the settings. This phase can last 3 to 6 months depending the complexity of your installations.

5. Contract and optimization start 🚀
At the end of the reference period, we send you a contract for the connected optimization service (during 3 to 5years) and we start the optimization. Since then, your installations will be in predictive Auto-pilot in function of the behaviour of your users and weather information.

Annual report 📩
At the end of each heating period, between April and May, we transmit you our annual reporting for the reference period. We assess the optimization performance during the phase. A bill matching to the percent defined in the contract is transmitted to the real estate managers to be  integrated in the exploitation costs, in accordance with tenancy law.

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